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HONG KONG SHOPPING ULTIMATE BUDGET GUIDE – FASHION DISTRICTS, OUTLETS, MARKETS BUDGET FASHION MARKET STREETS Although Hong Kong is well-known for high end malls and the worlds most expensive shopping strip, there are still many super inexpensive fashion districts where […]

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20 FREE ATTRACTIONS IN HONG KONG + CHEAPEST TRANSPORT TO GET THERE 20 FREE ATTRACTIONS DIRECTIONS PDF DOWNLOAD (list, directions, stations, etc). Download it to your phone or iPad and hopefully you can do more exploring in Hong Kong than navigating. And […]

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Macau – Day Trip Tour from Hong Kong, Ferries, Visa, Attractions

Macau day trip tour Macau Day trip tour – from Hong Kong, Ferries, Visa, Attractions Macau. You’re not alone if your first thought after reading that was CASINO MECCA. The gabling capital of the world, which brings in more $$$$ […]

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London Transport – From the airport to the river

London Transport. London Transport. Today’s travellers are fortunate enough to live in an era where convenience and comfort are at the forefront of almost everything. Gone are the days where we have to allot huge budgets to plane tickets if […]

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Seoul weekend itinerary and costs

Seoul travel weekend itinerary and costs Seoul travel and weekend itinerary. Click below for a video of my time in Seoul. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep updated with fresh, original and informative travel information. […]

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Top Places to Visit in Indonesia 2016 (and its not Bali)

Hottest Places to Visit in Indonesia The hottest/best/top places to visit in Indonesia, and not include Bali? whaaaat! I have nothing against Bali. In fact, i have visited the island many a times and found it to be friendly, culturally […]

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Mong Kok Hong Kong, attractions and amazing vibes

Mong Kok Hong Kong – Most vibrant and lively area of Hong Kong Mong Kok is one of the major shopping, eating, and market areas of Hong Kong. No, lets be real, it is THE area for shopping, eating and […]

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Cairns Queensland 101: The Backpackers Guide

Cairns Queensland Cairns Queensland,  is a well-known tourist town in far north Queensland (Australia), made famous for its ease of access to the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Forest. Cairns offers a large range of activities, sights, dining and […]

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Colombo Sri Lanka – The Backpackers Guide

Colombo Sri Lanka Airport Colombo Sri Lanka – e-Visas are now available for foreign travellers to Sri Lanka, check the website https://eta.gov.lk/etaslvisa/etaNavServ. To check eligibility dependent upon your passport nationality. The e-Visa online form was quick to complete, and does […]

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Galle Sri Lanka – Travel Guide, Transport, Attractions

Galle Sri Lanka Galle Sri Lanka – Galle is located on Sri Lanka’s south west coast, 116km south from Colombo. The small village is famous in Sri Lanka for the dutch style fort surrounding the old city overlooking sea, as […]

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Kandy, Sri Lanka: Cultural Treat – Travel Guide

Kandy Travel Guide Kandy Sri Lanka – If you wish to watch a practical video on visiting Kandy, here is a link to my YouTube Channel (please subscribe to connect and keep up to date with video updates). Arriving If […]

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Cairns to Mossman Gorge Road Trip – Attractions & Beaches

Road trips with fellow backpackers or working holiday friends under the summer sun in the land down under. Yes, Australia is set up for road trips and the popular Cairns to the Daintree Rainforest is an easy drive, not a huge distance to cover […]

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  • moving to australia

Moving to Australia – Steps to make your move smooth

Moving to Australia Moving to Australia? I recently moved to Australia as my new home base (note: however at this moment in time i am unsure how long i will stay in Australia). I thought i would share some tips, things […]

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Travel Europe – 10 Places You Must Not Miss While Travelling in Europe

Are you going to travel europe soon? Have your first flight booked and a vague idea of attractions and cities you wish to visit but looking for more information and inspiration? Read on.. Travel Europe Wandering the streets of Alfarma in […]

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How criminals know you’re not home – How to protect your home while on holidays

It’s that time of year for most of us. Vacation time. Time to take those few weeks away from work and make the most of your holidays. You have booked the flights. Arranged travel insurance. And packed. If you like […]

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A Mini Guide to Lombok Indonesia

A Mini Guide to Lombok Lombok Indonesia, near Bali, is an island destination for surf, snorkelling, swimming and nature loving travellers. Over the past 20 years, Bali has seen tourism boom and the island has seem mass development as millions of tourists […]

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Komodo Island boat trip – My favourite travel experience in Indonesia

Dragons, Islands, Sunsets and Sailing through Indonesia Komodo Island boat trip – My favourite travel experience in Indonesia Introduction Komodo Island. Rinca Island. Dragons. Sea. Boats. This is Indonesia. If you have been following my blog and YouTube channel for […]

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Eurolines Bus Europe Unlimited Travel Month Pass – worth it?

Eurolines Bus Europe Unlimited Travel Month Pass – worth it? Eurolines bus company; the European bus company offers the popular and widley considered bus passes. These passes come in either 15 days, 30 days or 60 days, and allow for […]

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The 12 cheapest places to travel for backpackers

The 12 cheapest places to travel for backpackers If you are a backpacker, or a budget traveler, or simply want to travel for as long as your dollar (or euro/pound/shilling) will stretch – then visiting inexpensive destinations is the key to helping […]

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Things to do in Istanbul – My favourite city in Europe

Istanbul Istanbul is enchanting and unique. The only city in the world to reside in two continents. The city sits either side the Bosphorus strait, halving the city down the middle with the European side of the city to the […]

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