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“smile and the world smiles with you”.

I’m Jasmine. A ‘twenty something’ with a love of wandering around and learning new things. The Jasmine Edit is where i add all of the destinations i discover, information about how i got there, the approximate costs involved, as well as helpful information about how to find work abroad, volunteer abroad as well as online blogging and earning tips.

Prior to creating this blog, i studied Education and Sociology degrees in Australia. Sociology and cultures became a significant interest as my plans to travel grew and grew. I first travelled to Thailand, and tried my hand at Teaching English, then to Cambodia and then i was hooked – travelling extensively though Asia and have now lived and travelled through over 45 countries.

I am passionate about equality, and travel really highlights to me the inequalities within societies. In the near future i will be putting my time and skills to use and working with those in lower socio-economic areas to create opportunites and help those in need.

“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe. ” – Anatole France

I hope that by sharing my experiences I can inspire others to pursue their dreams, or find any of the travel tips and advice i post helpful when planning trips abroad.

So, here is where I share my journey.

Jasmine xx


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”Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

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Travel and lifestyle blogger / YouTuber with a zest for adventure and a passion for making the most out of life.
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  1. Hello Jasmine! Great blog! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

    • thanks so much ! i love hitchhikers handbook – full of such helpful information so thank-you – its great to connect with such inspiring sites 🙂

  2. Just thought I’d let you know I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award!@

  3. What a fresh and beautiful layout. Look forward to reading your posts, Jasmine.

  4. Jasmine, I just absolutely love your blog! Great pictures, great writing, absolutely wonderful stories. I just can’t stop reading. Please let me know if you want me to share anything, my audience would love your stuff. Keep up the great work!

  5. TravelMakesMeTick

    Hi Jasmine, great blog! I’m about to dig deeper into all of the useful stuff you have on here 🙂
    Looks like you’re off to my native Poland soon. Enjoy!

    • Thanks so much Goska 🙂 Yes i will be travelling to Poland although have made a slight change in plans and will be back in India for a few months first 🙂 Thanks for the comment – i see your a blogger too, ill have to check out your site 🙂 <3

  6. daigh miami

    Great, thanks for sharing this blog article.Thanks Again. Will read on…

  7. Samodra Biru

    Hi Jasmine..
    I love your blog, also your photos and videos.
    You really put it well.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi Jasmine!

    Greetings from Canada!! I’ve been following your youtube channel for a while now and just discovered your blog today! 🙂 I just want to say that I really enjoy your videos showing us about your life in Hong Kong, and it make me super excited for my stay in Hong Kong this May! I will be there for 6 weeks for an internship with a Canadian government foreign trade office! 🙂 I was just wondering if you have found it easy to meet people in Hong Kong (either locals or other expats)? While I’m in Hong Kong I hope to be able to meet some friends to explore the city with, and also possibly go on day trips when I have a day off! If you have any advice about that I would really appreciate it!

    Jackie 🙂

    • yes, it is easy. there a many meet up groups that meet for lunch, events, exercise etc, theres hong kong hiking club thats very popular then theres also volunteer opportunities to meet people. however, you will also meet many people thru work and if you share an apartment also. you will have a great time 🙂

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