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Kathmandu Tourism – Teej Festival in Nepal

Kathmandu Tourism Teej Festival – Nepal Teej Festival is a celebration that females in Nepal take part in (the festival is also celebrated in many places in Northern India). The festival is based on the Goddess Parvati and her husband […]

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Things to do in Kathmandu – Monkey Hill is a must see

Things to do in Kathmandu What is Monkey Hill Things to do in Kathmandu – Swayambhu can be translated to ‘Sublime Trees’ and a religious complex often referred to as Monkey Temple or Monkey Hill. A steep mountain climb up many steps and […]

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Nepal Tour – Wandering the streets of Kathmandu

Nepal Tour Wandering the streets of Kathmandu – The guide Kathmandu is the Capital of Nepal and sits in the Kathmandu Valley. The city is a midst of un-named congested dirt roads filled with cars constantly tooting their horns, darting […]

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