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Living in Thailand – Chiang Mai: cost of living.

Living in Thailand – Chiang Mai Arriving at the airport The Chiang Mai International Airport is small. If you walk to the side of the arrivals hall you will see many men standing in the doorway with a van 40TB […]

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Airport Link Bangkok, Tuk tuks, Metro, Sky Train Transportation

  Airport Link Bangkok and Transport in the city. Trains, MRT, Sky Train, Tuk Tuks, Buses, Mini Buses, boats Airport Link Bangkok Bangkok Transportation: Bangkok is a hub of vibrance. Filled with lively streets, beeping cars, an infinite amount of motorbikes […]

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Bangkok Attractions – 9 great things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok Attractions Things to do in Bangkok Bangkok is a vibrant, lively hectic and colourful city filled with cars, motorbikes, boats, tuk tuks, dogs, lady boys, friendly street food vendors, high rise shopping centres, and intricate little alley ways, markets […]

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Weekend Market Bangkok – Chatuchak

Weekend Market Bangkok Chatuchak Market Weekend Market Bangkok: The Chatuchak market, considered one of the worlds largest weekend markets, is a huge market with over 15,000 stalls in Bangkok. The area itself is a compact and busy hive of buying, selling […]

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Koh Phi Phi Island Tour – Day Trip From Phuket

Phi Phi Island Tour Koh Phi Phi Island Tour Day Trip The islands in the south of Thailand are world famous for their bright white sands, crystal clear warm waters and beautiful tropical surrounds. Koh Phi Phi Island group is […]

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Koh Chang Thailand: Cheaper & cleaner than Phuket

Koh Chang Thailand Islands to visit in Thailand: Koh Chang Thailand – one of the largest islands in Thailand and sits alongside the east cost in the Trat Province. The island is a refreshing, less commercial option for an island stay […]

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Things to do in Patong: Adventurous activities to try in Patong, Phuket.

Things to do in Patong – Phuket Patong Beach Patong Beach, in Thailand, is a large tourist hub on Phuket Island. Here you will find a large concentration of resorts and hotels, restaurants, shopping centres as well as a wide […]

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Thailand Chiang Mai – Relaxing Temple city of the North

Thailand Chiang Mai Where is Chiang Mai Thailand Chiang Mai – located in the north of Thailand, surrounded by mountains, jungles and rice fields and is approximately 700 kilometres from Bangkok. The city itself is distinctively quieter and more relaxed […]

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Thailand Pattaya: best nightlife in Thailand but it offers more

Thailand Pattaya Pattaya – Party Town If you are planning on visiting Thailand and you like to party, then Pattaya without a doubt should not be missed. 24 hour go-go and beer bars, nightclubs, street parties, walking streets, night markets […]

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Bangkok Khao San Road – The pros and cons of staying in the area

Bangkok Khao San Road Where is Khao San Road Khao San Road is the backpacker area of Bangkok, and is located in the northern part of Rattanakosin. The Khao San Road area and surrounding district is home to a large […]

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Bangkok to Siem Reap – Land Crossing Scam

Bangkok to Siem Reap   Cambodia Land Crossing Scam (From Aranyaprathet (Thailand) to Poipet (Cambodia)   Poipet Boarder Crossing Scams Bangkok to Siem Reap – If coming from Thailand, most people will enter via land crossing from Aranyaprathet (Thailand) to […]

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