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Vegan food guide to Asia

Vegan food guide to Asia (its inexpensive, healthy, vegan & delicious) A vegan lifestyle is not only beneficial for the well-being of animals and the environment, but also optional for health, it is especially so when traveling. Vegan diets minimize the […]

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Gluten free food in Asia – street food, cheap eats, meals and snacks

Gluten free food in Asia (its inexpensive, healthy, vegan & delicious) Even a mild gluten intolerance can cause discomfort and often ruin your day. Recently there has been a large range of products produced specifically for those avoiding gluten which […]

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Vegan and vegetarian street food in Taipei

Vegan and vegetarian street food in Taipei I am someone who loves to travel just as much as i love to try new foods, and tasting local dishes, traditional snack foods and street foods play a big part of my […]

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Go Fruit Yourself in Asia – The best / bizarre tropical fruits

Go Fruit Yourself Southeast Asia Tasty Tropical Fruits One thing i love about being in Southeast Asia is the fruit. The bananas taste completely different to those you purchase in Australia. They are sweeter. More yellow on the inside. And […]

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Backpacking Food Vegan Travel guide

Backpacking Food Holiday and Backpacking Food Vegan Travel Guide: Travelling is a great experience. The culture. The people. The food. Although often, with the language differences sometimes when ordering meals in restaurants what you order can get lost in translation. […]

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Staying healthy while travelling: tips for healthy travel

Staying Healthy Staying healthy while travelling: 9 tips for travellers, backpackers, gap year trippers, and full time vagabonds.    Packing food for the bus/train/plane trip Staying healthy while travelling : Going on a holiday, or extensive backpacking trip usually starts […]

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Street Food Asia: Delicious Vegan Food Finds in Bangkok

Street Food Asia Bangkok is well known for its amazingly delicious street food and vegetarians will be very happy to find the many of the street food vendors have many excellent vegetarian meals and snacks. Here I have listed some […]

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