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Best travel website for cheap flights, hotels and car rentals

Best travel website for cheap flights, hotels and car rentals As you know, if you read this blog or watch my YouTube channel often, that i love travelling. And i travel a lot. What i don’t like is the formalities […]

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Travel Europe – 10 Places You Must Not Miss While Travelling in Europe

Are you going to travel europe soon? Have your first flight booked and a vague idea of attractions and cities you wish to visit but looking for more information and inspiration? Read on.. Travel Europe Wandering the streets of Alfarma in […]

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How criminals know you’re not home – How to protect your home while on holidays

It’s that time of year for most of us. Vacation time. Time to take those few weeks away from work and make the most of your holidays. You have booked the flights. Arranged travel insurance. And packed. If you like […]

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Eurolines Bus Europe Unlimited Travel Month Pass – worth it?

Eurolines Bus Europe Unlimited Travel Month Pass – worth it? Eurolines bus company; the European bus company offers the popular and widley considered bus passes. These passes come in either 15 days, 30 days or 60 days, and allow for […]

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The 12 cheapest places to travel for backpackers

The 12 cheapest places to travel for backpackers If you are a backpacker, or a budget traveler, or simply want to travel for as long as your dollar (or euro/pound/shilling) will stretch – then visiting inexpensive destinations is the key to helping […]

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Travel Insurance – What you really need to know

This post is brought to you by Southern Cross Travel Insurance Travel Insurance 101 Travel insurance is often the last thing I think about when it comes to planning a trip. The excitement of what countries you plan to visit, […]

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Computer Safety: Tips for travelling with a laptop

Computer Safety   Taking your laptop computer or ipad traveling: Computer safety and Protection for your data Computer safety : Having a laptop while travelling can be a helpful device. When it comes to keeping up to date with work, […]

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Traveling the world: Lessons you learn from long-term travel

Traveling the world Lessons you learn from traveling the world : What traveling the world has taught me that I could not learn at university “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” […]

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Travel Cheap guide : How to find free & cheap transportation

Travel Cheap   The ultimate guide to travelling on a budget: Transport Sure travelling can be expensive, with long haul flights, visa costs, as well as accommodation, but travelling on a budget is easy that you expect. Overland travel is […]

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How to travel the world and quit your job – steps to freedom

How to travel the world guide: How to start living your travel dream How to travel the world and first quit your job: Maybe you need a break from the 9-5 lifestyle and are dreaming of a ‘gap year’ travel […]

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Best Travel Apps: The Top 15 Travel Apps – 2014

The 15 best travel apps Free Best Travel Apps – 2014 Free travel apps : Since technology has advanced in a way that we now use technology while travelling, we look for wifi at a cafe, upload our photos to social […]

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Scams – Common travel scams in Southeast Asia

Scams Common Travel Scams in Southeast Asia Here is a simple list of the most common travel scams i have witnessed, experienced, or have been warned about while travelling abroad.   Cheap overnight buses Of course finding inexpensive overnight bus […]

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Solo Travel Safety Tips – is it safe to travel alone?

Solo Travel Is it safe to travel solo So, maybe you love the sound of solo female travel but are unsure about safety? Maybe you travel solo already and want to know some tips of travelling solo? Or maybe your […]

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Long Haul Flights – top tips to make long flights comfortable

Long Haul Flights how to survive long flights Long haul flights can often make the first few days in of your time abroad very tiring. With plane food, cramped seating, jet lag, lack of sleep, early starts to reach the […]

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DIY beauty products you can make while traveling

DIY beauty products How to make your own beauty products diy beauty products – Sometimes you move to a new country, and cant find a certain basic body product that you have always used ‘back home’. Toothpaste, deodorant, face wash, […]

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