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Laos Tourism: Natural Beauty photo gallery

  Laos Tourism Photo Gallery Laos Tourism Laos is well known for its natural beauty, charming little towns and villages, and peaceful, relaxed atmosphere. If i had to describe Laos i would make mention to its beautiful waterfalls, bright blue […]

On: 14/06/2014| Photography| Comments: 2
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Nepal Travel: Kathmandu, Nepal – Photo Gallery

Nepal Travel Kathmandu Photo Gallery Kathmandu is the Capital of Nepal. A city of colour, stupas, car horns, monkeys, markets, and narrow winding streets with no street signs darting around large brick buildings. So here is Kathmandu as i saw […]

On: 13/06/2014| Photography| Comments: 0
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Delhi Travel, India through the lense

Delhi Travel   Delhi, India. Such a great city to explore. The colours, the sounds, the spices, the carts, the cows, and the buildings make this city somewhere you can always find something interesting, fascinating and exciting to see. For […]

On: 12/06/2014| Photography| Comments: 1
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Southeast Asia: highlights you must see

Southeast Asia   Best places to backpack Southeast Asia Southeast Asia Highlights: Southeast Asia is a great place for extensive backpacking trips, the weather is warm all year round, it is easy to avoid the rainy season, transport overland is […]

On: 11/06/2014| Photography| Comments: 4