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Weird and wonderful festivals from around the world

Holiday lettings Weird and wonderful festivals from around the world From wife-carrying to carving giant radishes, the world’s a more interesting place thanks to some of our quirky (and down-right bizarre) traditions. Some of these strange festivities date back centuries […]

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Top travel blogs 2014 – Other travel blogs i enjoy reading

Top travel blogs 2014 Travel blogs Top travel blogs 2014 – There are many travel blogs on the web, all with helpful information, interesting photos and lots of destination inspiration. Here i list of the top travel blogs 2014 & […]

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Couch surf – free accommodation & tips for your stay

  How to Couch Surf   Couch surf? the basics Couchsurfing free accommodation: Couch surfing is just one of the many hospitality exchange website now online. The website allows travellers to create a profile, with a photo and some […]

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Powermonkey extreme, Light weight solar power for treks

Powermonkey Extreme Review Reliable and light weight solar power for phones, iPads and GPS devices Powermonkey extreme review Are you a bike tourer that can be ‘between’ cities for several days at a time? Or someone who enjoys getting off […]

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House sitting opportunities, how to start & the best websites

House Sitting Opportunities & How to become a house sitter How to start house sitting : Housesitting is a great and inexpensive way to slow travel, finding housesits around the world is made easy on the many housesitting websites that […]

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Vietnam travel guide itinerary: 2- 4 week budget trip

Vietnam Travel Guide Vietnam Travel Guide Itinerary – With estimated costs outlined Vietnam travel itinerary: Vietnam is a country of contrast, with riverside villages, bustling motorbike filled cities, quaint little beachside resort towns and lush jungle and rural areas to […]

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Backpacking Southeast Asia itinerary: Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Backpacking Southeast Asia Backpacking Southeast Asia itinerary: So you have a few weeks off work? Want to travel but don’t have heaps to spend on a luxury holiday? Planning a holiday but unsure if you’d rather a beach getaway, a […]

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Southeast Asia Travel itinerary: Thailand, Laos & Cambodia

Southeast Asia Travel Southeast Asia itinerary : On a budget So you’ve only got two weeks off work – but want to travel, explore, have a break from everyday life. Think small villages, jungles, rice fields, elephants, long slow boats […]

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Garmin eTrex 20 review: for trekking and backpacking

Garmin eTrex 20 review Garmin eTrex 20 Review: for trekking and backpacking Features The Garmin eTrex 20 is very useful for navigating my way on treks through mountains, finding my way while bike touring, as well as being great at […]

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Osprey Waypoint Backpack review: A backpack for long term travel

Osprey Waypoint Backpack review:   My Osprey Waypoint Backpack I get asked a lot about backpacks – what kind of backpack do i have, what kind of backpack would be suitable for travelling in a certain country etc. I have […]

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Backpacking Gear List: extensive packing list

Backpacking Gear List The extensive backpacking gear packing list for indefinite travel backpacking gear list: There are lots of resources and articles online for packing lists – 6 week packing list for Europe to, What to pack for one month in […]

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How do i start a blog? Steps to start your own online blog

How do i start a blog Blogging Over the past few years I have been a loyal reader and subscriber to many young travel bloggers. Mostly travel, some food or culture related, and I have wondered how they made their […]

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Cheap Accommodation & Free accommodation options

Accommodation free and cheap accommodation Travelling the world can really be as expensive as you want it to be. It is quite possible to travel on little to no budget by choosing inexpensive and free accommodation options and travelling over […]

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