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Lifestyle Travel Blogger at The Jasmine Edit
Travel and lifestyle blogger / YouTuber with a zest for adventure and a passion for making the most out of life.
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  1. Hello Jasmine! I got your name from Rashad over at Bankerinthsun.com. I am planning a trip to Hong Kong and he told me you are the gal to talk to! I just read your article about 20 things to do in Hong Kong, and man I want to do them all! Do you think I can do them all within 7 days? On other news, I guess my main priority is finding affordable accomodation-since I heard it can be quite expensive. If you can point me in the right direction! I was thinking of couchsurfing, but not too sure just yet if I want to do that. Looking forward from hearing from you soon!

    • Yes for sure, 7 days would be enough time to see them all… as the attractions both on the island and in kowloon are all very near to one another, the metro basically connects them all..

      the islands are all very easy to get to to – the ferries all leave from Central Public piers (lamma is only a half day thing, same with Cheung Chau island).. Lantau island is larger and might need a full day depending (i went there after lunch and returned around 6pm so i guess a half day.. but theres a lot to see in lantau)…
      as for accommodation, i posted this article on affordable accom in Hong Kong
      What days/month are you visiting ?

  2. Paul Vernon

    Hi Jasmine
    Awesome Site and information
    Love HK and Shenzhen . I will be over in 2 weeks for another holiday – this time i’ve included macau and hengqin 🙂 should be awesome fun! keep up the good work


    • Thanks for the comment paul 🙂 Macau is def worth visiting 🙂 its super hot here now so keep hydrated/out of the sun when exploring 🙂 although thats super hard when there is so many great things to do and see! have a great time 🙂 🙂

  3. brijesh

    Hi jasmine, i read your advice here online & i would to know that i m planning to come over there for 3 days to check the silver items like nosestuds, earings,bracklet etc. & branded clothes for my online business. i want to open my online business thats why i am planning to come & buying things from there. can you guide me were i can find cheap silver & branded clothes in thailand??? as well cheap guesthouse or hotels.

    • just take a look on hostel world for cheap hostels and hotels 🙂 as for branded clothes, authentic brand names are more expensive, cheaper in america and online etc.. but you can buy low quality fakes of everything on every street everywhere 🙂

  4. Caro

    Hi Jasmine… I commented on your Facebook but then found more info so have answered my own question about what you do. Lol. I have become an adventurer later in life.I am 43. I have read some information on working abroad. Have you met anyone on your journeys who has started teaching overseas later in life? For some visa requirements maybe I am too old?

    • Hi Caro, Oh i have not yet seen the message on facebook, it must be in my others folder 🙂
      The people i know and have met travelling seem to all do it for the working holiday visa or gap year travelers not working, or those whom work as travel bloggers. I have met an older lady at a hotel who was a psychologist and volunteering in nepal when the earthquakes happened. Most people in hong kong actually get a transfer from their work so that way you dont have to bother at all about visa, the work takes care of it 🙂 The last year i have been studying/essay life hehe.. so sorry for the late response/ not checking my facebook 🙂

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