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The Jasmine Edit is a great source of lifestyle, travel inspiration, encouragement for solo female travellers and a great source of information on adventure and food travel and gap year advice!

Written by Jasmine, an Australian solo female traveller and serial expat, the site is designed to offer practical information and tips, destination guides, reviews and videos to inspire people to travel and help them when choosing destinations and planning itineraries!


According to analytics, the readers of The Jasmine Edit are predominately aged between 25-34 years old, and are childless. The largest percentage of website visitors are from U.S.A, The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Germany.

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If you represent a travel/lifestyle product or company and wish to advertise on The Jasmine Edit, then please feel free to contact me via email for ad placement details –

I do accept sponsored posts on the website. Often the client emails me the article, pictures, text & link required – often i will edit these slightly to fit the nature of the blog and for SEO purposes (if needed). I normally charge $220USD to publish these.
And there are some instances where dot points for article outline, links and photographs are emailed and i write the article. Checking in with the client for final review before it is published and normally charging $320USD.
I do run sidebar column and square ads, where the HTML widget text is provided and links to clients website. These sidebar ads feature on the home page as well as in the sidebar on every article featured on the website. I normally charge 90USD per month that ad is live.
If any of these options are what you had in mind then simply send me the submission or details your company requires. Feel free to send a proposal to me that better suits your company/client and i am always more than happy to negotiate to make it meet client needs.

Product and travel service reviews

Are you a hotel or hostel, a tour company, adventure travel company or a restaurant. I can help you reach a greater audience and promote your business to other travellers and expats worldwide.

If you have a new product i believe is beneficial to other travellers i am happy to review and promote it via social media or blog competitions, as competitions via this medium get a lot of attention and reach larger audiences.

Press/Fam Trips

Are you a Tourism Board looking to get your destination into the travel spotlight? Destination reviews are a popular feature on The Jasmine Edit, and i would be delighted to feature your destination not only on the website, but across all social media platforms. If you are interested in including The Jasmine Edit on your next press/fam trip i would love to hear about your destination via email. I have worked successfully with many tourism boards over the past year.

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The Jasmine Edit is on a wide range of social media – and is active in many large travel, expat and nomad forums, Facebook groups and travel communities.

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  1. Karen

    I am a single, black female with no children. I have been helping my ill mother and sister who have both recently passed away. I want to travel the world and haven’t a clue where to start.. Found you sight on YouTube.

    • hey Karen,
      when i first started traveling, i chose inexpensive countries – such as south east asia – and just booked a one way ticket, to bangkok actually, and just took each day as it came, with no plans – thats how i still travel today, i never make plans to decide what destinations to visit – usually just the day before i decide 🙂

  2. George

    Hi jaz ilove your work av seen you have visited most of the countries around the globe but mayb you may try Africa particularly my country kenya it would be a wonderful experience.thank you

    • hey thanks so much ! I think after i travel some of South America i will then see some of Africa. I have always wanted to visit Morocco and have friends living there, so i would probably start there. Thank you for the suggestion on Kenya, it does sound lovely 🙂

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