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The 12 cheapest places to travel for backpackers

If you are a backpacker, or a budget traveler, or simply want to travel for as long as your dollar (or euro/pound/shilling) will stretch – then visiting inexpensive destinations is the key to helping you achieve this.

When Australians think of inexpensive backpacking destinations, we automatically think of Thailand, or Bali – the two hot spots for budget travellers. Here is a list of some of the world’s most budget backpacker friendly places, other than Thailand or Bali.

I have included links to Hostel World for accommodation, restaurants links to Trip Advisor reviews or Happy Cow. I have also included links to tour companies and bus company websites, to articles on this blog as well as links to official tourism board websites for further information.



Europe is know for being an expensive continent to visit, and after my most recent and extensive trip in Europe i can sure say that is true! However, there are countries that are totally affordable and perfect for backpackers. Poland is one of these countries.

cheapest places to travel

My favourite city in Poland was Krakow (such a magical old city). This is also the city in which a day trip to the Auschwitz Birkinau Camps is possible. However, other cities in Poland offer beautiful streets, friendly people, affordable prices and there is a variety of beautiful nature outside of the city areas.

cheapest places to travel

Dorm Room in Krakow $9.42 at Tutti Frutti Hostel

Private room in Krakow $33.91 deluxe twin private (2 people) at 4 Friends Hostel

Restauant meal in Krakow $4-7 including a drink

Information on things to do and see in Krakow

Entry into Auschwitz & Birkenau Camps free

Auschwitz and Birkenau  half-day guided tour $14 3.5 hours with headset

My experience and tips visiting Auschwitz

Official Auschwitz Website,

cheapest places to travel

Dorm room in Wroclaw $14.32 at Bemma Hostel

Private room in Wroclaw $31.65 deluxe twin private (2 people) at Boogie Deluxe

For information on things to do and see in Wroclaw

Dorm room in Warsaw $13.19 at WDj Hostel

Private room in Warsaw $36.93 Standard Twin Private at WDj Hostel

Bus from Wroclaw to Krakow .35cents to $7 – 3 hours – Polski Bus (certain departure times are cheaper, and if purchased on a sale well in advance).

cheapest places to travel

Visa – Poland is in the Schengen Zone –

For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

For cheap bus transport within Poland see

For more information, Poland’s Official Tourism Website.

cheapest places to travel


Budapest, the beautiful capital of Hungary and considered on the most beautiful and popular cities to visit in Europe, yet is still so affordable. Prices here are much more affordable than those in western parts of Europe, so backpackers tend to stay an extensive amount of time.

You can expect a party atmosphere in Budapest’s hostel and backpacker area – with nightclubs, party hostels and bars lining the streets. Whereas major attractions outside the capital, like smaller towns such as Sopron and Pecs are the perfect place to relax and explore medieval centres.

cheapest places to travel

Lake Balaton, known as “The Hungarian Sea”, is central Europe’s largest fresh water lake and makes for the perfect place to enjoy swimming, relaxing and even windsurfing or sailing.

Dorm Room in Budapest $8.25 at The Hangover Hostel

Private room in Budapest $45.95 double bed private at LOL Boutique Hostel

Restaurant meal in Budapest $4.70 to $13 in inner city restaurants. Very inexpensive street food snacks available, such as breads and sandwiches.

Hungarian Parliament and crown jewels entry/45 min tour $9.50 (EU citizen) and $25 (non-EU citizens).

For more information on things to do in Budapest.

cheapest places to travel

Entry into Szechenyi Gyogyfurdo Thermal Bath $24 full day with locker.

For more information on Szechenyi Thermal Bath,

cheapest places to travel

Private room in Siofok $20.59 at Muller’s Inn (This is the largest town off the shore off Lake Balaton).

Dorm room in Pecs  $14.26 at Ananas Hostel

Train from Budapest to Siofok $8 – 1.5 hours

Visa Hungary is in the Schengen Zone –

For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

For more information,

cheapest places to travel

Czech Republic

Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic makes for a great country to spend some time in while traveling in Europe. The countries capital, Prague, offers travellers one of the most amazing historical centres, castles, streets and beautiful views over the Charles Bridge. I would have to say this is the number one city in all of Europe for photography of Old Cities.

cheapest places to travel

Prague offers budget travellers inexpensive yet decent hostel and guesthouse style accommodation in the heart of the city. There is amazing nightlight, with alcohol prices being so low this makes for a great backpacking party destination as well.

The country also offers beautiful nature, and enchanting historical centres in smaller cities and towns such as increasingly popular Brno, Cesky Krumlov and Plzen.

Dorm Room in Prague $8.88 at Emma Hostel

Private room in Prauge $17.17 at Emma Hostel

For more information on things to see and do in Prague

cheapest places to travel

Organised Day trip tour of Cesky Krumlov from Prague  $92.32

Dorm room in Brno $15.99 at Ruta 80

Dorm room in Plzen $21.99 at Hostel River

Dorm room in Cesky Krumlov $13.33 at the Garden Hostel Havana

Private room in Cesky Krumlov $31.40 basic twin private (2 people) at Hostel Merlin

Bus from Prague to Cesky Krumlov $12 (Leo Express).

cheapest places to travel

Visa Czech Republic is in the Schengen Zone –

For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

For more information on travel in Czech Republic,

cheapest places to travel


Eastern Europe is known to be a more affordable destination for those traveling in Europe, but how affordable is it. Bulgaria offers small and interesting cities and villages, churches, mountains, beautiful nature and many snow skiing opportunities.

The capital, Sofia, isn’t at the top of everyones hit list when planning a trip in Europe, however it does offer a growing number of travellers an insight into post-Soviet life.

Most of the main attractions in Sofia are free, add to this the option of partaking in a free walking tour, free bicycle tour, and free eating tour and you have very suitable backpacker budget destination.

cheapest places to travel

Bulgaria is also known as a beach destination for those in eastern Europe. With touristy coastal towns such as Nesebar and Sozopol offering a relaxing and varying experience for travellers than the countries inland cities.

Dorm Room in Sofia $9.51 at Nightingale Hostel

Private room in Sofia $31.70 at Hostel Mostel

Restauant meal in Sofia $4-7 for a sit down meal in a medium range restaurant, however you can find quick fast food western snacks or local meals for $2-$4.

cheapest places to travel

Entry into National Museum of History Sofia  $5.46

One day tour of Vitosha mountain from Sofia  $60 all inclusive via Viator

How to get to Vitosha mountain independently 

For more information on things to do and see in Sofia.

One bedroom apartment in Nesebar $15 at Levante Apartcomplex

Private room in Sozopol  $28.50 twin private (2 people) at Kvartiri Pazvantovi

Bus from Sofia to Nesebar via Burgas $34 – 6.5hours (Union Ivkoni & Burgas Bus)

cheapest places to travel

Visa  Bulgaria is not in the Schengen Zone, requiring a visa depends on your nationality (Australian, British, Canadian, EU and USA do not require a visa).

For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

Sofia free walking tour,

Sofia free food tour,

For more information, Bulgaria’s Tourism Website,

cheapest places to travel


Draculars castle, famous ski resorts, mountains, beautiful villages and interesting cities makes Romania an interesting place for travellers. Located in the Eastern part of Europe, the costs to travellers visiting the country are much lower than in Western Europe.

Bucharest, the countries capital, offers extremely well-known nightlife among the backpacker scene. Complete with a vibrant city pulse, busy streets, and a beautiful yet small historical centre, Bucharest makes for a relaxing, yet exciting destination to visit.

cheapest places to travel

Smaller medieval towns throughout the country offer a range of architecture and history to share with travellers, all at affordable prices.

The Transylvanian city of Brasov, located near the Carpathian Mountains holds a wealth of historical attractions within its historical centre, as does the township of of Sibiu and Sighisoara, where Vlad Dracula created the fictional character of Count Dracula.

cheapest places to travel

Resort towns dotted up and down the Black Sea coast are also a tourism draw card. Resorts such as Mangalia Spas and Eforie Nord specialising in holistic healing mud baths. The Black Sea has long been thought of as a cure for many conditions, such as arthritis pain and nervous disorders just to name a few.

cheapest places to travel

Dorm Room in Bucharest $9.51 at X Hostel

Private room in Bucharest $21.62 Private Single at Byzanthin Hostel

Restaurant meal in Bucharest $3 – $7, with restaurants in the historical centre aimed at tourists being more expensive than restaurants just outside the historical centre in the city. Street food snacks such as pretzel breads, pastries and cakes are available at many stalls for $1-$2.

An all-inclusive day trip to Draculars Castle & Peles Castle from Bucharest $102 with

For more information, Things to do in Bucharest.

cheapest places to travel

Dorm room in Brasov $13.47 at Rolling Stone Hostel

Private room in Brasov $41.19 at Gabriel Hostel

Dorm room in Sibiu $17.17 at PanGeea Hostel

Train from Bucharest to Brasov $8-12 – 2.5 hours

Bus from Bucharest to Sibiu $9-12 – 4 hours 45 minutes trip

Visa – Romania is not in the Schengen Zone, requiring a visa depends on your nationality (Australian, British, Canadian, EU and USA do not require a visa). For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

Entrance into historical buildings is rarely more than $5.

For more information, Romania’s Official Tourism Website,

cheapest places to travel


Turkey has been a hot destination for millions of travellers for many years, and it is not hard to see why. The country offers enchanting and exciting cities, filled with beautiful mosques, fantastic street food and such friendly helpful locals.

Istanbul, the only city to sprawl over two continents, is an exciting culture filled city and named one of the most visited cities in the world. The enchanting city is divided by the Bosphorus, filled with beautiful mosques, interesting architecture, lively bazaars and street markets.

The cities narrow alley ways to explore and the most friendly locals i have ever came across. Street food is aplenty and there is never a dull moment to be had.

cheapest places to travel

Turkey also offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, with vibrant beach resort towns such as Antala, also offering a picture perfect mountainous backdrop and ancient ruins, and Marmaris, one of the most popular seaside resorts in the country.

Other unique and frequently visited sites for travellers include the battlefields of Gallipoli near Canakkale, the fairytale landscapes of Cappadocia, and the salt flats of Pamukkale.

Dorm Room in Istanbul $9.51 at Adventour Hostel

Private room in Istanbul $28.52 basic twin private (2 people) at Sinbad Hostel

Restauant meal in Istanbul $6-9 for main, sides (rice and lentil soup), and drink in touristy inner city area. Street food snacks such as pretzel breads, chestnuts, donor kebap, baked potatoes and barbecued corn are in plentiful supply and incredible affordable.

cheapest places to travel

Entry into Hagga Sofia $12.30

Istanbul City Tour $46 half day city tour with Istanbul Daily City Tours

For more information, Things to do and see in Istanbul

cheapest places to travel

Bus from Istanbul to Canakkale (Gallipoli) $41 – $55 – 6 hours 15 mins (

Guided tour of Gallipoli from Istanbul (all inclusive) $135 with Trooper Tour

Dorm room in Canakkale (Gallipoli) $12.82 at Anzac House Youth Hostel

Dorm room in Ankara $22.15 at Deeps Hostel

Private room in Marmaris $26.23 single bed private at Maltepe Pansiyon Hotel 

Bus from Istanbul to Marmaris $52-$80 – 11.5 hours (KamilKoc Bus Company)

cheapest places to travel

Day trip to Pamukkale from Marmaris $47 all inclusive with

Hotel room in Pamukkale $30.95 at Anatolia Hotel

Bus from Ankara to Cappadocia $20-25 – 4.5 hours (Metro Turizm Bus company)

Dorm room in Cappadocia $12.68 at Feel Cappadocia Hostel (in Goreme)

Visa – The cost of visa varies depending on what country you are from. If you are from Europe you will be charged around $20 USD, however, citizens from Australia and Canada must pay significantly more than all other travellers ($60USD).

For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

Entry to mosques is free, and visitors are permitted outside of pray times. Women must cover their hair, arms and legs (so bring a scarf).

Cheap transport in Turkey – Kamil Kok Bus Company

For more information, see the Official GoTurkey tourism website.

cheapest places to travel



Cambodia offers famous attractions such as the Angkor Temples, near the magical and lively tourist village of Siem Reap. The country also offers beautiful beaches and an opportunity to learn more about the horrific past at the Killing Fields.

However, with so many attractions and beautiful nature, prices may be the most inexpensive i have ever experienced in my whole life.

cheapest places to travel

On my first trip to Cambodia, i remember my private room in a guesthouse costing me the equivalent of $2AUD per night! This was over 5 years ago now, but the value the countries offers is still excellent!

Throw some super tasty and also inexpensive restaurants into the mix and backpackers have themselves the ideal destination to travel, explore, relax and live it up on even the smallest of travel budgets.

cheapest places to travel

* Be wary of scams at the boarder of Poi Pet (traveling from Thailand to Siem Reap).

Dorm Room in Siem Reap $4.53 at the Downtown Siem Reap Hostel

Private room in Siem Reap $18.10 AUD for a standard double bed private at Cambodia Backpacker Guesthouse

Restaurant meal in Siem Reap $5 for a main and beer in many local restaurants.

When in Siem Reap, i enjoyed vegan meals, yellow khmur curries and rice, at Khmur Kitchen.

Street Food outside of tourist areas .50cents – $3 (expect snacks of fruit and grilled meats on sticks in the touristy areas – however, street food meals with rice and kumar curries sold at open air stalls and restaurants.

Hiring a bicycle per day in Siem Reap  From $1 (no gears, basic) to $4 (gears). Some people ride to and around the Angkor Temples on bicycles, however, considering the weather and distance i would advise against this. A bicycle was great for riding around the town, to and from restaurants, sites, and accommodation each day.

cheapest places to travel

Angkor Wat one day pass $20 for one day (you can get a two or three day pass for $40 and a week pass for $60). If hiring a tuk tuk for the day you can choose from the shorter loop or the longer loop (the longer loop costs only a fraction extra and takes in more temple complexes).

Exploring the temples takes at least one full day – however in the heat this can be very tiring. I only spent one day exploring, however, i know many people who spent a few days in a row exploring every aspect of every temple complex.

Here is my day of explorations around Angkor Wat

Here are tips on Trip Advisor about visiting Angkor Wat

One full day of tuk tuk transport to and from and around Angkor Wat $12 – $15 for a full day, shorter loop, pick up and drop off from your accommodation (if you look wealthy drivers often exaggerate prices a lot – it is common to haggle in Southeast Asia).

cheapest places to travel

Dorm room in Phnom Penh $4.30 (including free pickup from station) at The Happy House.

Private room in Phnom Penh $24.00 double bed private (2 people) at The Happy House.

Bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh $10 – 5 hours.

Visa $30 USD on arrival, $37 USD e-Visa (30 days – this price is increased from the $20 cost last year). *If paying on arrival, you must pay in USD only! So organise to bring some with you at the boarder.  For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

For more information, Cambodia’s official tourism website

cheapest places to travel


Laos offers such a variety of things to do and see, beautiful villages, amazing nature and a very small capital to explore.

With whole day, and two day, long boat rides as a means of long distance transport between Thailand’s border, magical tourist villages such as Lunag Prabang, to tubing down the river surrounded by mountains in Asia’s backpacker party capital of Vang Vieng, Laos offers a lot!

cheapest places to travel

Highlights – mountain biking around Vang Vieng, Kuang Si Waterfalls and bear rescue centre, Luang Prabang village and night market, restaurants and cafes of Vientiane.

Dorm Room in Vang Vieng $6.03 at Chillaos You Hostel

Private room in Vang Vieng $12 Superior twin private (2 people) at Chillaos You Hostel

Tubing in Vang Vieng $15 tube hire for day – with a $7 returned to you if you bring back your tube before 6pm. *tip, wear sandals as flip flops will float away in the rapids easily and bring a dry bag, or purchase one in town to store your wallet/camera etc. For more information on Vang Vieng.

cheapest places to travel

Mountain bike hire $3.80 per day

Dorm room Luang Prabang $11.32 at Kounsavan Guest House

Private room Luang Prabang $30.17 Standard twin private (2 people) at Sokdee Guesthouse

Restauant meal in Luang Prabang $5 for a set lunch in a tourist restaurant

Street food in Luang Prabang $1.30 for an all you can fit on one plate buffet (a small alley way filled of street food stalls at the night market). *There is a vegan only buffet stall that is delicious. Here’s a link about the vegan stall on Happy Cow.

Entry into Kuang Si Waterfalls/Tat Kuang Si Rescue Centre – $2.50, Open from 8am – 5:30pm. Bring a towel and your bathers. *45 minutes drive (only 23kms) from Luang Prabang town centre, a shared tuk tuk is the cheapest means of getting there ($34 divided by 5 people in the tuk tuk – join up with your hostel friends). For more information about visiting in Kuang Si Falls.

cheapest places to travel

Dorm room in Vientiane $8.28 at Dream Home Hostel (with pool)

Private room in Vientiane $38.90 Deluxe Double Private (2 people) at Dream Home Hostel

For more information on things to do in Vientiane

Bus from Vang Vieng to Vientiane $7 Vip bus – 3 hours.

Visa $35 – 30 days, bring a passport sized photo or you will be charged just $2 extra for this.  For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

For more information on Laos see the Official Tourism Website,

cheapest places to travel


India for a long time has been know to be an inexpensive travel destination for backpackers and expats looking to settle somewhere while setting up businesses or simply taking a very long term break from 9-5 life.

The country offers incredibly inexpensive accommodation outside of the main city centres, while throughout the country you can except inexpensive restaurants, street food, market shopping and transport.

cheapest places to travel

Highlights include the Tahj Mahal in Agra, the Pink City of Jaipur, the market bazaars of Delhi, the laid-back beach vibes of Goa and the holy city (and yoga scene) of Rishikesh.

Although India is cheap, out of this list i would say that it is the most challenging for an independent solo female traveler, and more suitable for experienced backpackers or those traveling in a group. However this makes for an exciting trip all the same.

cheapest places to travel

Dorm Room in Delhi $5.14 at Hostel New King

Private room in Delhi $9.14 Standard Double bed private (2 people) at Hostel New King

Restauant meal in Delhi $4 for a large meal

Street food in Delhi $1 for a vegetarian dhal and chapatis, or several vegetarian samosas.

Entry into the Red Fort $3.50 for foreign travellers. Red Fort Article here.

More information on things to do and see in Delhi here.

cheapest places to travel

Dorm room in Agra (Tajh Mahal) $1.60 at Big Brother Hostel (free laundry)

Private room in Agra $5.71 basic single bed private at Friends Paying Guest House

Train from Delhi to Agra $8 – $15 (depending on seat type) – 2 hours

Train from Delhi to Mumbai $32 – $80 – 16 hours

cheapest places to travel

Dorm room in Rishikesh $9.12 at Zostel Rishikesh

Private room in Rishikesh $13.66 at Sonu Guesthouse

Yoga course in Rishikesh $1900 all inclusive Yoga Teacher Training, private room, meals and activities at Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh.

Dorm room in Mumbai $14.85 at Anjali Homestay

Visa Visa costs depend on your nationality, and are roughly around $70. Most nationalities will need a visa before arriving. You can apply for an e-Visa online here.  For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

Cheap airline carriers within India see, and IndiGo Airlines

For extensive information on train travel in India and worldwide visit

For more information on travel in India, see the Official Tourism Website,

cheapest places to travel


Nepal has been a well-known and frequently visited destination for backpackers and hiking enthusiasts for years. Think world famous hikes, tea houses, lodges, lakes, mountains, temples, ruins, and one chaotic capital worth exploring.

With the recent earthquakes devastating the country, it is now that Nepal needs tourism numbers to climb in order to reboot the countries tourism economy.

cheapest places to travel

Home to Mount Everest and the very popular Annapurna BaseCamp Trek, hikers find Nepal’s Himalayas safe and affordable.

The countries capital, Kathmandu, offers cultural festivals and experience like no other, temples, ruins and sacred places mesh with the hectic, car filled, dirt road for main streets. With some of the cheapest transport and food in Asia, backpackers can spend extensive time in the country without breaking the budget.

cheapest places to travel

Dorm Room in Kathmandu $5.41 at the Sparkling Turtle Backpackers Hostel

Private room in Kathmandu $15.81 at the Sparkling Turtle Backpackers Hostel

Restaurant meal in Kathmandu $1.50 to $5. You can get set thalis in almost all restaurants, as well as street food snacks are available – such as hot fries, samosas, fried puff bread and buckwheat roti. 

Private room in Pokhara $7.48 double bed private, $8.97 single private at Hotel Green Lake.

cheapest places to travel

Bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara $7.30+ mini bus or tourist bus.

Guided trek of Annapurna $1265 – 14 days all inclusive hike, meals, guide, accommodation, porter, access flights and airport shuttle bus. For more information on hiking in Nepal see

Visa $25 (15 days), $40 (30 days), $100 (90 days) – available at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan Airport.

For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

cheapest places to travel

South America


Bolivia is well known among travellers as an ultimate value for money destination in South America. Expect for services to be basic, and things in general to be a little ‘rough around the edges’.

From hiking in the Andes, the world’s highest lake Titicaca and the most famous salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, there sure is a lot for travellers to experience.

The capital, Sucre, offers a variety of architecture and history, including dinosaur footprint collections at Cal Orkco, to museums and chapels. However, the city of La Paz, the highest (altitude) city in the world, is home to the countries government departments and parliaments.

cheapest places to travel

From La Paz you can visit the almost resort like town of Coroico, near the end of the infamous ‘Death Road’, and while you’re at it, take a mountain bike tour cycling along the Death Road (a road where 200-300 people are killed every year).

Smaller cities in the country offer a vast range of experiences and things to see. Popular destinations include Santa Cruz, for easy access to national parks and jungle adventures, and Tupiza, for the beautiful red coloured rock formations.

cheapest places to travel

If you are into skiing then Chacaltaya should be on your list of places to visit, being the worlds highest ski resort, and Huayna Mountain being Bolivia’s most popular mountain climb.

Dorm room in La Paz $6.68 at Bash and Crash Hostel

Private room in La Paz $24.50 private twin (2 people) at Bash and Crash Hostel

Restaurant meal in Paz $3-8, cheaper outside of touristy areas. You can also find cheaper snacks and street foods throughout the city, including local sandwiches, puffed white corn with sugar and hot fritters served with a purple sugared sweet maize drink.

Free walking tour in La Paz by Red Cap Walking Tours

Coco Museum (cocaine & drug wars) in La Paz $1.45

Bus from La Paz to Coroico $2 – 1.5 hours (Palmeras Mini Bus).

Day tour mountain biking the ‘Death Road’ $70 with Vertigo Biking (all inclusive meals, safety gear, t-shirt and CD of your ride/photos).

Dorm room in Coroico $15.59 at Hostal Chawi

Bus from La Paz to Uyuni $26 – 13.5 hours (

Four Day (3 night) all inclusive tour of the salt flats of Uyuni $170 with La Torre Tours. *Meals are prepared along the way so ensure you bring some probiotics to ensure a stronger digestive system.

There are one day tours available however are very rushed and do not take in as much area or sites as the longer tours. For more tours of the salt flats,

cheapest places to travel

Dorm room in Uyuni $15.40 at Piedra Blanca Backpackers Hostel

Private room in Uyuni $36.90 standard single private at Oro Blanco 

Dorm room in Copacabana (near Lake Titicaca) $9 at HI-Inka Pacha (Hostelling International)

Visa Depending on your nationality. Citizens from Australia, Canada, South America and many parts of Europe do not require a passport.

For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

For more information, see the official tourism website,

cheapest places to travel


When you think Ecuador, you might automatically think of the famous Galapagos Islands and not consider Ecuador as a budget backpacker haven. However, prices on the mainland are some of the least expensive to be found in South America.

Think UNESCO historical centres, exploring the Amazon Rainforest, active volcanos, national parks and world class beaches such as Salinas, Bahia de Caraquez, Esmeraldas, and Manta, the largest coastal city.

cheapest places to travel

The countries capital, Quito, is the cultural centre with the historical centre being declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city of Cuenca is increasingly popular with tourists as are the very well known Galapagos Islands.

While Banos, thought to be the adventure capital of the country, is home to the world’s highest active volcano, Volcano Tungurahua, as well as many mineral baths.

Dorm room in Quito $12 at Posada del Maple Hostel

Private room in Quito $15 at Hostal La Posada Colonial

Restaurant meal in Quito   $2-4 – You can expect to purchase a local sit down lunch or dinner meal normally including a main, soup and dessert for this price. Expect a lot of cheese and meat dishes, yes, including a whole roasted guinea pig!!

Bus from Quito to Banos $10 – 3 hours (

Mountain biking tour of Tungurahua volcano $60-$70 – full day all inclusive with Imagine Ecuador,

cheapest places to travel

Dorm room in Banos $10.50 at Hostal El Recreo

Private room in Banos $7.10 basic single private at CharVic Hostel

Bus from Quito to Manta $20 – 9 hours (

Three day tour of Amazon $207 with Happy Gringo – includes eco lodge accommodation, guide, meals, and use of rubber boots. *Extra cost for bilingual. For more information,

cheapest places to travel

Bus from Quito to Cuenca $18 – 9 hours (

Dorm room in Cuenca $10.50 at Mallki Hostel

Private room in Cuenca $22 (single private), $28 (twin private) at Posada del Rio

Visa Depending on your nationality. Citizens from Australia, Canada, South America and many parts of Europe do not require a passport.

For more information on visa requirements worldwide check out

For more information, Ecuador’s official tourism website,

cheapest places to travel

Want to know more about traveling on a backpacker budget?

Budget Transport Guide – How to find free and cheap transport

Couchsurfing? What is it, and tips for your stay.

Cheap and free accommodation options

How to find the cheapest flights

Other helpful websites – helping to find various transport options to your destination, listing prices of bus, train, car and metro train prices, duration of transit and links to company websites for bookings.

Man in Seat 61 – An extensive website listing train travel information, prices, seat types, pictures, timetables, railway station information and more for train travel worldwide! – Ride share networking website for travel in Europe.

I hope this post on the cheapest places to travel has been helpful or provides some travel inspiration for your next backpacking trip. Wishing everyone safe and happy travels x

cheapest places to travel

cheapest places to travel

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